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Fell Into the Right Hooves Ch1
Fell Into the Right Hooves
by CosmicWaltz
Chapter 1
"Wind?" Dash licked the back of her forehoof before raising it high above her into the air.
"Good! Clouds?" she called to herself. Looking from atop the cloud where she was perched, she noted the empty sky around her.
"Clear! Cheering section?" The blue pegasus sat up, ears alert as if expecting a round of praise. After a few silent seconds, she looked over the edge of her cloud at the ground below. "I said 'cheering section?'"
Rainbow Dash could just barely make out the yellow and pink blur. Fluttershy, sitting peacefully on the grass far below the blue pegasus' cloud, shot up to attention. "Oh, um,... yay!" she replied, though barely above a whisper.
"Ugh..." Dash placed a hoof over her face. She knew the pegasus below her had the heart, but her voice usually hid it behind meek expressions. Nevertheless, her cheering section was ready. "Check."
The two pegasi were just outside of Ponyville, away from its busy st
:iconcosmicwaltz:CosmicWaltz 138 57
Fell Into the Right Hooves Ch4
Fell Into the Right Hooves
by CosmicWaltz
Chapter 4
It was the four week mark. Today, Dash was to meet the doctor who had done his best to grant her a second chance at flight. It fit in her schedule well; the Wonderbolt auditions were tomorrow.
Doctor Heartfeld was making his rounds. Though it was never necessarily busy at the Ponyville hospital, there was always work to be done. Caramel was in almost weekly with a new bump or scrape to have looked at from his clumsy work on the Apple farmland, and there was never a shortage of schoolchildren filing through with everything from scuffed knees to 'cooties'. Today, however, the most notable patient he had ever treated was on his clock.
Doctor Heartfeld entered the small exam room, the same worn look as a month before. "Ms. Dash! It's good to see you again. So, are you ready to begin your rehabilitation?"
Dash sat on the bed-like exam table. She had always hated the paper sheets on those things. "Actually, Doc," Dash b
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This is just another brony who made an account here to comment on other peoples' fantastic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanworks! Since I'm new to deviantART, please forgive me for not having everything set up yet. I don't plan to leave my profile bare like this, I'm just not used to something as overwhelming (compared to livejournal) as this.

(I'll be putting my own stuff up at a later date... when I get around to actually writing it in the first place. If you'll find this page from anywhere, it'll be Equestria Daily.)


Ryan Hebbard


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